Track and Field Family Spearhead A.O.Shirley Ground Clean Up

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Track and Field Family Spearhead A.O.Shirley Ground Clean Up

President of the VI Athletics Association, Mr. Steve Augustine has organized the Track and Field Family to lend a helping hand to the ongoing clean-up of the A.O. Shirley Ground, this Saturday December 9th.

According to Augustine, the Track and Field Family will be out in numbers to continue with the clean-up in order to get their new season of 2018 Development Meets underway in nicer, safer conditions.

“The Track and Field Family is very large and we will a wealth of Persons out there to assist. We will have Bins and 3 yard Trucks on site to take care of the larger items, like the mangled stands and the smaller items that have been scattered around we are just going to tidy up, so hopefully in a few weeks-time there will be some nice grass around the edges ahead of the Development Meets for 2018”

Public Works and the City Managers Office had begun the process and put a lot of time and effort into getting the Grounds back to useable and now the Track and Field Family is going to add a little TLC

Augustine has also made sure the Governing Body, the IAAF is aware of the issues as well as other Regional Bodies.

President of the BVIOC, Mr. Ephraim Penn, stated that funding has been found to replace the track surface.

“We are tapping into various resources at Olympic level to see how we can help rebuild and restart many of our member sports and one thing we have been able to secure is funding from Pan Am Sports, which used to be PASO, to have Mondo replace the entire Track”

54 Compete in 12th BVI Half Marathon

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54 Compete in 12th BVI Half Marathon
Some 54 runners participated in the 12th Deloitte/Ogier BVI Half Marathon and 10K, dubbed the Irmarathon and 10Kirma, got underway on December 3, 2017, the first time the event was held on a Sunday.

 The heat, however, seemed a challenge for everyone except Julius Farley who blazed the two loops to win the half marathon in 1:32.06.

Reuben J. A. Stoby took a distant second place in 1:38. 38 while Paul Mellor claimed the third spot in 1:41.12.

On the distaff side, Maria Mays triumphed in 1:54.01. Karen Fraser was second in 1:58.48, coming ahead of Rosmond Johnson 2:01.29.

10K winners

Andrew Fraser was the fastest in the 10K race, finishing in 58.32 while Phil Nelson was not too far behind, finishing second in 60.26.

For the ladies, Gillian Plaxton finished first in 57.43. Vanessa King was second in 1:05.52.

Shirley Liburd was the winner of the 10K walk.

The half marathon course comprised two loops, from Tortola Sports Club (TSC) to Sea Cows Bay, around Sensus gym building and return to TSC. The 10k was just one loop- to the gate at Sensus car park at Manuel Reef and back.

Penn begins to write new Athletics Chapter with Legendary Avengers

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Penn begins to write new Athletics Chapter with Legendary Avengers

putting aside all the excuses about facility, cost, time, equipment and support, Sanya Penn is going about the business of developing the Nations next generation of Athletes with a base at Greenland Recreation Ground.

Even before Head Coach Sanya Penn arrived dozens of Boys and Girls were stretching and excitedly getting ready for the latest session in what has become a feature of East End Sporting activity.

The Club exotically titled “the Legendary Avengers” is just 3 months old and numbers are building every day under the enthusiastic and imaginative coaching of Head Coach Penn, who was herself an athlete.

“When I used to train with Willis Todman I saw how he coached and developed athletes and said to myself I want to do this. I want to start my own team and do what I enjoy doing” commented Penn

The Club is doing well working on grass, hills, beaches and in the gym as it looks to get the youngsters into good shape

“The short term plan is just to build the programme and get the athletes prepared, fitter and focused on track” noted Penn “Longer term I will get this Club to be the best in the Territory. I have the support of Todman and Dag Samuels, so I know they will help me when it comes to equipment.”

Penn also mentioned that running on Greenland Recreation Ground was tough for the youths as it is very rough, but she hopes she can at least get the field marked out with some lanes to start with and then maybe get some other equipment to use.

Youngsters from all over East End will certainly be looking forward to that day.

21 Athletes Off to Carifta Games

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Some 40 years after making its first trek to the Carifta Games in Nassau, Bahamas in 1976,  the BVI Athletics Association has sent a team of 21 athletes to represent the Territory at the 45th Carifta Games in St. Georges, Grenada over the Easter Weekend.

Competition starts on Saturday morning and runs through Monday night.

Some 19 of the 21 athletes have recorded a personal best mark this season while five athletes have established six outdoor National Records and three have met IAAF World Jr. Championships qualifying standards.

Chief Coach Dag Samuels commented that ““I am grateful that we have such a team that can represent the territory. I can pledge one thing to the territory, that we have on our team—finalists. We will be finalists in every event that we do and that will make any country proud.”

The 2016 team is comprised of:

U18 Girls: Beyonce DeFreitas, 200m; Arianna Hayde, Javelin Throw, Long Jump; Z’Niah Hutchinson, High Jump, Xiomara “Gia” Malone, High Jump: Judine Lacey, 400m, Shaniyah Caul, 400m and Akira Phillip, Javelin Throw. Boys: Djimon Gumbs, Shot Put and Discus Throw; Joshua Hill, 800m; Rackeel Jack, 400 and 800m; K’Cei Moses, 200 and 400m; Rikkoi Brathwaite, 100 and 200m.

U20 Girls: Tarika Moses, 400 and 800m; Nelda Huggins, 100 and 200m; Britney Peters, Javelin Throw; Lakeisha Warner, 400m Hurdles & 800m; Deya Erickson, 100m Hurdles; L’T’Sha Fahie, 100 and 200m; Kiwanna Emmanuel, Discus Throw. Boys: Akeem Bradshaw Long and Triple Jump and Ronique Todman, 200 and 400m.

Spring Breaker Breaks Carot Bay 5k Record

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Samuel Goldstein, a student at Ashville, a prep boarding school in North Carolina, will remember his 2016 Spring Break visit to the British Virgin Islands—his fourth trip here—joining his family who has been coming to the territory since 1976.
Goldstein laid off the pace, then surged past early leader Reuben Stoby to win Saturday’s Blenheim Trust 5K Carrot Bay Classic in a course record time of 16 minutes, 50.1 seconds. For Stoby who was second in 17:23, it was his second successive setback after Vincent Fourniner took the opening race of the series in Road Town.
“It was a great race and he took it out hard and was giving me a little fear,” Goldstein said. “I passed him after the hill—a bigger hill than I thought I would be—the grade coming back was not as bad as I expected it and I was able to get on top of it really well and I was able to push to the finish.”
Goldstein thanked his coach John Smith for preparing him over the winter. “This was a great opener,” he said. “Now, I have to start preparing for track.”
Before the race, Stoby said Goldstein told him that he was a sub 17 minute runner over 5K. “I knew I was going to be up against some competition,” Stoby said. “It’s a pity I wasn’t able to go with him to push myself a little bit more, but I wasn’t in top top shape. I think I may have taken it out too hard trying to set the pace. I wanted to go hard, see if I could make a break away but he didn’t bite that one.”
Women’s winner Rosmond Johnson who’s recovering from the flu and ran 22 minutes even, said it was a challenging race.  “At one point I thought I wouldn’t pull through but I did, thank God,” she said. “On the hill coming back, I felt a little shortness of breath so I stopped, caught my breath and then I went again. I pulled through and I won.”
The race was something Vanessa King always wanted to do, but as a new mommy she decided to use the race to get back in shape. “I always wanted to do it so I decided to take an item off my bucket list,” she said. “It was tough for me as a newbie but I enjoyed it. I liked that the course was by the water and you had the sea breeze and it wasn’t hot. I also liked that we had the challenge of a hill and it wasn’t just flat and I liked the spirit of the runners. They cheered you on.”
Final Results. Men: 1. Samuel Goldstein, 16 minutes 50.10 seconds. 2. Reuben Stoby, 17:23.5.  3. Julius Farley, 18:44.5.  4. Guy Williamson, 19:07.8. 5. Jeremy Zuber, 19:44.4. 6. Alex Dale, 19:59.5.  7.=Paul Hubbard, Simon Cook, 20:10.5.  9. Antony Spencer, 20:29.5.  10. Martin Trott, 20:49.3. 11. Guyp Dubois, 21:00.9.  12. Adrian Dale, 21:05.5.  13. Emrol Amsterdam, 21:12.7.  14. Reu Rymer, 21:42.5. 15. Chris Berlet, 22:12.8. 16. Dave Pettigrew, 22:23.2.  17. Gabriel Obregon, 23:07.3.  18. Luka Chalwell, 23:37.3.  19. Claudius Rhymer, 24:14.8.  20. Aaron Gardner, 24:22.2.  21. Zebalon Mclean, 25:28.5.  22. Barry O'Lane, 25:30.1.  23. Dennis Versoza, 25:43.7.  24. Richard Morgan, 27:28.7.  25. Howard Moore, 29:35.6.  26. Dennis Delacruz, 29:38.6.  27. Teejay Torres, 29:57.1.  28. Shane Donovan, 29:59.3.  29. Marvin Flax, 30:04.5. 30. Jim Cullimore, 30:30.0.  31. Ravenol Santos, 31:29.5.  32. Barry Leon, 34:55.2.  33. Robert Williamson,36:15.8. 
Women: 1. Rosmond Johnson, 22:00.5.  2. Melissa Brunner, 22:29.2.  3. Lauren Julien, 23:14.2.  4. Juliane Potgieter, 23:51.5.  5. Kay Reddy, 23:52.2.  6. Gillian Plaxton, 24:32.1.  7. Philomena Robertson, 25:27.4.  8. Simone Gribble, 25:29.9.  9. Melisande Rowe, 25:49.5.  10. Brodie Faragher,26:00.5.  11. Jude Holmes, 27:27.5.  12. Clair Burke, 28:00.0. 13. Cayley Smit, 28:00.0.  14. Zoe Bickerton, 28:26.4.  15. Vanessa King, 30:43.9. 16. Nedy Ador Dionicio, 31:11.7. 17. Simpa Ganadillo, 31:38.8
Walkers: 1. Adenike Sicard, 51:52.1.  2. Belinda Dabbs, 56:10.5.
Youth 1 Mile: 1. Sammy Potgieter 8.20.    2.  Charlie Potgieter, 8.55.   3.=  Sebbie and Xavier Morgan, 10.49.  5.  James Tucker 14.45.
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